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The Conference will take place in building D6 of the University of Florence, in the new Social Sciences Pole, Novoli area, via delle Pandette 21 (see map).

The campus has been opened in 2003, and houses the three Faculties of Political Science, Economics and Law. It is close to the Florence airport, and easy to reach by bus. It is easy to recognize due to the red colour of its buildings (see photo).

How to reach the conference:

There will be a special bus service. The organizers will inform participants directly by e-mail concerning details on pick-up points.

By regular public transport:
A bus ticket costs € 1,20, and is valid for 60 minutes. Bus tickets can be purchased from magazine stands and tobacco stores. From the central station Santa Maria Novella, you can take buses no. 23 or 57, running every 10-15 minutes. Bus no. 57 also stops in Piazza San Marco, in the city centre. It takes about 20-25 minutes to reach the conference premises. If you take bus no. 57 to reach the conference site, get off at the Forlanini street stop. If you take bus no. 23, get off at the Carlo del Prete street stop. From the airport you can take the shuttle bus, which runs every 30 minutes and brings you to the city centre (about 25 minutes, € 4,50 approx.), close to the central station; then change bus to reach the conference, as explained above. For further information, please see the ATAF website (bus company in Florence): (English).

By taxi:
If you prefer to take a taxi to the conference site, there is a large taxi station in front of the train station and in the parking lot outside the airport. Alternatively, you can dial (0039) 055 4242 in order to order a taxi. A ride from the airport to the conference premises lasts about 10 minutes, and costs 10-12 € approx.

From other cities:
The train is the way to reach Florence from other cities, such as Milan, Rome, Pisa or Bologna. Below you find a table with the approximate length and costs of travelling from the major Italian cities to Florence.

CityFrequencyTravel lengthApprox. cost
MilanEvery hourAbout 3 hours35 euro
RomeEvery hour About 2 hours and ½30 euro
PisaEvery 30 minutesAbout 1 hour5 euro
BolognaEvery hourAbout 1 hour13 euro
VeniceEvery hourAbout 3 hours30 euro
NaplesEvery hourAbout 3 hours and ½48 euro
TurinEvery two hours and ½About 5 hours40 euro

For further information, please see the National Railways website: (English).

Other useful links:

University of Florence, Novoli campus website: (only in Italian)
Florence airport: (English)


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